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New on-campus restaurant The Drop offers revamped dining options

Students have likely noticed there’s a new dining option on campus to satisfy their everyday cravings.

The Drop, a new eatery located in Hopper Hall that replaced The Blazer Grille, is an effort to offer the VSU community a restaurant/bar-like atmosphere.

VSU hosted a grand opening for the newly renovated restaurant on Sept. 26. VSU President Richard Carvajal as well as other members of the community spoke at the event.

Construction took place over the summer to create the new and updated gathering place for students.

At the grand opening, Dr. Carvajal explained the foundations of The Drop.

“We asked students what they were looking for,” Carvajal said. “They were looking for expanded options beyond the great options you already have in the Student Union. And when we learned about this concept, and we have students very much involved in the selection process, and they gravitated to this.”

According to Shannon McGee, director of auxiliary services for VSU, there has been a dining option in Hopper Hall since it opened in 2008. It was transformed to The Blazer Grille in 2017.

“In 2021, we started hearing from students that they wanted fresh retail options,” McGee said. “We learned overwhelmingly they want a variety of options.”

The Drop offers assorted choices in terms of dining. Many have been enjoying the ease of access in terms of ordering. Students can place an order through the kiosks inside the dining area or use the Grubhub app.

VSU Student Government Association President William Burnett said SGA advocated for the change to Blazer Grille.

“The drop is a new and innovative way for us to build our own meals and have some sort of autonomy over what we have on a regular basis,” Burnett said at the opening.

A representative from Aramark, the company that has been operating VSU dining since 2016, said the concept used for The Drop is the first of its kind in the southeast region.

The interior of the Drop has a cozy atmosphere, complete with dim lighting, multiple seating options including booths and tables, and numerous TVs.

Dr. Carvajal told the crowd that he plans to frequent the new restaurant.

“So, students, you are probably going to see me in the future join right along with you,” Carvajal said.

Written by Teonna Masten-Benton, Spectator Reporter. Photos courtesy of Teonna Masten-Benton. 

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