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VSU’s Visit to Trilith Studios Part 2: Visiting the Historic Studios

Following the events of VSU’s South Georgia Film Festival student group exploration around Trilith Studios Cinegear exhibition, the student group was also given the opportunity to explore some of the historic studios that were used to shoot some of the most well-known movies and TV shows. 

The tour was part of a trip taken by several mass media students to Atlanta earlier this month. 

After exploring and interacting with the vendors and their products at the Cinegear exhibition, students headed over to the Trilith Foundation to meet their tour guide for the day. A brief history session about Trilith Studios and their mission was given before students were headed to the golf carts to start the tour. 

Before touring the studios, students were shown a historical movie site. The sight was used to create the iconic “Avengers: Infinity War” scene where heroes like Captain America and Black Panther ran across the field to fight Thanos’s alien army and was also used to film “WandaVision.” 

“It’s the same grass that Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastion Stan, and Chadwick Boseman stepped on. To me that’s the closest thing I’ll get to meeting a celebrity right now, so I was very impressed by that,” said mass media student, Hayley Segura-Ayala. 

At certain points of the tour, cellphones were no longer allowed. 

Soon after viewing this iconic landmark, the next step of the tour included going inside the studio that was used to shoot “Guardians of the Galaxy 3.” The tour guide assisted with creating a visual for the students by explaining the studio set-up during filming and where the props and other creative items were assembled. 

Before returning to the golf cart, the students were able to view a whiteboard displaying all the signatures of the actors, producers, directors, writers, and crew members of “Guardians of the Galaxy 3,” including Chris Pratt and James Gunn. 

When touring the studios came to an end, there was one last stop to make before completely ending the journey. Students were taken to the Town at Trilith, which is a community where creators live that sits right next to the studios. Many celebrities have stayed in the handcrafted houses, including Kanye West.  

The housing is usually used for actors and crew members to stay in while filming in the area, but anyone is free to live in the town, and may have a chance to meet some prominent individuals. 

After the tour ended, students’ excitement with the life changing experience lingered, and most were pleased with the tour, although some were expecting a bit more. 

“For me it was impressive, but I imagined the place would be bigger, because they were emphasizing how it was the biggest studio in the U.S. So, I was expecting it to be ginormous,” said mass media senior, Francisco Contreras. 


Written by Jasmine Hightower, Entertainment Editor.   Photo courtesy of Jason Brown, Jasmine Hightower, and Daune Ryan Kroesser.

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