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Unspoken Rules in College: A Guide for Making College Life a Little Easier

In college, there are some rules that are worth knowing, even if they seem a bit ridiculous. These are the top five unspoken rules college students should know to make campus life less stressful.   

Rule #1: Unassigned assigned seats 

During the first week of classes, students usually pick a seat that they feel comfortable in. This seat may be closer to the door, next to a group of friends, closer to the professor, or off to the side. 

As the weeks go on, the seat that is chosen is claimed as an unassigned assigned seat. Now, if you know where your classmates usually sit and where you usually sit, do not take someone else’s spot, just don’t.  

It may sound a bit childish, but that seat is already claimed and when you randomly sit in a claimed spot, it forces the person who usually sits there to find another seat and messes up their daily flow. 

Rule #2: Dining dollars and meal swipes 

When selecting a meal plan for the semesters, students will see how many dining dollars and meal swipes they will receive. Now, once you receive that meal plan, it’s probably a good idea to not use all your swipes in the time span of one month. 

Of course, there will be advertisements about new items on the menu at certain dining areas, but it doesn’t mean you need to go swipe your card every time. If you use all your dining dollars, all you will have left is the options at the dining hall and whatever you may have in your dorm room.  

With that being said, don’t be so generous with your swipes and dining dollars. Try stretching them if you can so you won’t have to rely on ramen noodles for the rest of the semester. Food is expensive these days and not everyone can afford to go out and stack up their mini fridges. 

Rule #3: Library etiquette 

When in the library, most students are trying to complete assignments and study. They cannot do that if there are individuals who are disturbing the quiet environment. 

Talking on the phone with the speaker on, running around the library like it’s a playground, leaving trash in study areas, and loud conversations can be seen as annoying. Don’t be that annoying person who makes the library the last place someone would want to go.  

If you know you or your friends are going to be a bit loud, try getting a study room; if you need to take a call, then try to step out of the area that is surrounded by other people. This should just be basic manners. 

Rule #4: Walking space and pace 

Everyone has their own schedules throughout the day and some schedules are faster than others. When on the sidewalk or academic walkway, if possible, try not to walk at a slow pace so the class transition traffic doesn’t get backed up.  

If walking with friends, do not spread out to the point that no one can get past and must go on the grass just to get through. This is especially frustrating when that friend group is walking slowly. If you don’t want someone to do it to you, don’t do it to them.  

Rule #5: Some things happen for a reason 

In college, you aren’t supposed to know what you’re doing right off the top of your head. College is about learning new things and having new experiences. 

Sometimes trying to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life can be very stressful and creates pressure. Try to figure it out by junior year, and even if you’re still not certain, that’s perfectly fine. 

Experiencing college is always going to have its ups and downs, but some things can happen for a reason. 


Written by Jasmine Hightower, Entertainment editor.  Photo courtesy of MGN.

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