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Album Review: Music for the Masses

Independent traveling musician David Jacobsen debuted his new album, “Music for the Masses,” making his mark in Valdosta with his creative take on music.

“Music for the Masses” is a concise and diverse assortment of songs, blending humor and contemplative moments while embracing contradictions. The initial track mocks the idea of composing a song about the French Revolution, later in the track there is a 12-minute rock piece dedicated to the French Revolution calendar.

“Some ideas grow out of expanding on existing melodies or themes. Lyrics often start with a few lines that hit me either based on something someone says or something I’m reading,” said Jacobsen when describing where his inspiration comes from.

The collection consists of seven songs and features a rendition of “All I Want for Christmas” and a risqué track “It’s My Fault.”

The album sets the tone with “Music for the Masses” which makes fun about the idea of writing a song about the French Revolution after attending a higher institution. Setting an image for the reader to think of the most unusual topics.

The second song gives a more realistic rendition of “All I Want for Christmas,” as it talks about what people really go through during the winter season, which is tiredness and sickness. All they want is medicine and a break from life.

One of the most interesting songs on the album is Calendrier Révolutionnaire Français. This song begins with an orchestra that almost paints a picture of a timeline of war. Containing strong instrumentals of organs, pianos, drums, and both acoustic and electric guitars.

This entire album challenges what people are used to hearing and targets the beauty of reality.

“My music spans the range of music to make you laugh, music to make you think, and music to make you cry. Some folks prefer music to make you dance, music to get you high, or music to get you laid, which is fine,” said Jacobsen. “That’s just not what I do. Even the laugh part, a lot of the time, I’m going for “an ow laugh” or something with a harsh truth to it

like “Music for the Masses” or “It’s my fault.” Although the Christmas song is mostly a novelty but based on having the flu for Christmas.”


Written by Jasmine Hightower, Entertainment editor.  Photo courtesy by David Jacobsen.

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