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Part 2: Meet The Models

Note: this is the second half of a story on the Divinity Modeling troupe. For part, one, start here.

Now that leadership of the Divinity Modeling troupe has been introduced, the models need to be introduced. Here are the models for the 2024 spring modeling season. 

Elizabeth Williams, a junior business and management major, has been modeling for two years. According to Williams, she joined in order to work on her confidence and a desire to showcase her personal style. 

“I’m a very confident person, and I’m here to help anybody else who needs help feeling comfortable, and I will let them know that they can just be themselves in front of everybody,” Williams said. 

Keondra Wright, a junior business administration major, has been modeling for one year. She cited Kita Umana, the president of the troupe, as her reason for joining and fell in love with it after the first practice. 

“I want people to know that I’m a caring and loving person. I will lift you up, I’ll hype you up, I’ll support you. I’m a very creative person, I may not seem like I’m creative, but I am,” Wright said. 

Kristen Sylvester, a senior health science major, has been modeling for one year. According to Sylvester, she heard about Divinity through word-of-mouth, and liked the idea of helping others build their confidence. 

“I liked what they’re doing and I love helping build people up. I want people to know that I’m ready for the challenge,” Sylvester said. 

Breon Murry, a freshman fine art major, has been modeling since fall semester. Murry made a splash at VSU when he won Mr. Season Six in the troupe’s Next Top Model competition. He cited a love for taking photos of himself as a stepping-off point, but like Sylvester, found it through word-of-mouth. 

“My advice would be to come in with an open mind,” Murry said. “Come in and be willing to try new things.” 

Angel Coney, a sophomore health science major, has been modeling for one year. According to Coney, she was convinced to join by a friend who had been on the executive board of the troupe while it was still under the name ViaJesus, and wanted to be part of it. 

“I love to make friends, I’ll try to make friends with all of the models. I want people to know that I take this seriously, I’ve done the competitions, I just love modeling,” Coney said. 

Ashanti Mitchell, a junior finance major, has been modeling for three years, though she’s only been working with Divinity for less than one year. She joined the modeling scene when she got to college, citing a love for taking pictures and videos of herself before. 

“When I got to college, I heard about my old modeling troupe, and then I heard about DMT, so I was like, ‘Why not step out of my comfort zone and try it out?’” Mitchell said. “I really just want people to know who I am, who Big Red is.” 

De-Andra Lundy, a senior accounting and international business major, has been modeling since fall of 2023. According to Lundy, she has always loved to participate in photoshoots, but her final push was the encouragement to join by a few of her friends who were already in Divinity. 

“Even though I’m new, I’m already having a lot of fun and gaining a lot of confidence,” Lundy said. “I’m figuring out my creativity, figuring out what I like about the clothes I wear, or the way I walk.” 

Tanya Altidor, a junior elementary education major, has been modeling for two years. Altidor cited a love of music and a desire to get out of her comfort zone as reasons for interest in joining. 

“Being on DMT is the most authentic version of myself I’ve felt since I came to college,” Altidor said. 

Electra Thomas, a sophomore mass media major, has been modeling for a year and a half. According to Thomas, she’s been interested in modeling since she was little, but only joined in college after she saw a flyer in Georgia Hall and joined. 

“I want people to know that this is me expressing myself; I’m an outgoing person as it is, but this is an extension of my personality, this is authentically me,” Thomas said. 

Jomia Finley, a junior interior design major, has been modeling for one semester. According to Finley, she saw the spring 2023 show and found herself interested in modeling. 

“My outfits are my greatest form of expression that have no type of restraint,” Finley said. “I want them to be an inspiration to other people who want to step outside of their comfort zone and dress in whatever makes them feel comfortable or confident.” 

Darius Jackson, a junior chemistry major, has been modeling for one semester. Jackson said he was inspired to try modeling by television, specifically the show “America’s Next Top Model.” He loves the style of high-fashion models, especially from the ‘90s, and strives to emulate their glamor. 

“I’m definitely blasting out of my shell with this group, I’m tapping into who I really am, and this is really helping me do that,” Jackson said. 

Written by Bailey Wilson, Campus Life Editor.

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