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Pop Addict 2-19-15

Photo Credit: Kayla Stroud

by Kayla Stroud Hundreds of Unretouched Photos of Beyoncé Leak Everyone is up in arms over newly leaked unretouched photos of Beyoncé that have made their way online. People seem to have propped her up so high that they seem to have forgotten that she is not in fact a RealDoll. People were horrified to learn that Queen B had ... Read More »

Pop Addict 2/12/15

Photo Credit: Kayla Stroud

by Kayla Stroud Grammy…zzzzzz The entire show was a snoozefest. The most exciting performance of the night came from Paul McCartney who casually strummed along to Rihanna’s “FourFiveSeconds,” like an animatronic robot. Was his mic even turned on? Was his guitar plugged in? It appeared as if he was only brought on stage to look pretty and collect a paycheck. ... Read More »

Pop Addict 1/28/15

Photo Credit: Kayla Stroud

 by Kayla Stroud Lil Wayne Files for Divorce Apparently being the “best rapper alive” isn’t enough to keep Lil Wayne from being wrapped up in legal disputes. Trouble seems to be brewing in the Cash Money family as Mr. Carter is suing the Bird for $51 million to be released from his Cash Money contract. He has made it known ... Read More »

Selma Review

Features Headers Pt. 2

by: Kenzie Kesselring A movie adaptation on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is not a new idea. The story has been done, but never before through the artistic scope of the writer/director team of Paul Webb and Ava DuVernay. Despite being snubbed at the Oscar’s, “Selma” has received high praise for its astounding performances. This film not ... Read More »

E.T. unearthed in New Mexico desert

Written by: Joseph Albahari In 1987, an urban legend was born.   It was reported that 14 trucks of Atari products were taken from a factory in El Paso, Texas to a landfill in Alamogordo, New Mexico.  The legend revolved around the failure of one particular game: “ET: The Extraterrestrial.”  Zak Penn, writer of “The Avengers,” was intrigued by this tale ... Read More »

Box office turns up the heat with summer sizzlers

Written by: Chris Kessler For movie studios, summer is the biggest time of the year. Blockbusters filled with superheroes, sequels and superstar A-list actors will fill theaters for the next four months. To help you decide what you want see or skip, here are some of the biggest films of the summer. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a ... Read More »

Blazefest returns: VSU hosts local music festival

Written by: Abbie Baggerly  WVVS-BLAZEfm is bringing back the popular Blazefest.  Blazefest is a spring music festival featuring eight local bands and musicians.  The festival begins on the front lawn at 2 p.m. and will last until around 8:45 p.m. It is free and open to all VSU students and members of the community.  Spectators will be able to meet ... Read More »

Internet lives on after heartbleed

Written by: Joseph Albahari Are your passwords safe? That depends on when you last changed them. On April 7, it was made public that the security of the Internet was compromised by the Heartbleed bug. Heartbleed, or CVE-2014-0160 as it is technically named, is an OpenSSL security bug that has affected about 17 percent of the internet’s websites. The bug ... Read More »

New publication provides an alternative for women

Written by: Rikysha Williams More than 60 percent of VSU students are women, and now they have a publication that speaks directly to them. Launched on March 4, Her Campus Valdosta is an online magazine that empowers, enlightens and entertains VSU women. Ariel Hairston, president and editor-in-chief, started a Her Campus chapter at VSU because she wanted a more entertaining ... Read More »

Game of Thrones serves up more matrimonial carnage

Written by: LaMarcus Wilkerson Normally, it’s uncommon for people to cheer when someone dies. But on Sunday, eager fans of the medieval fantasy show “Game of Thrones” were overjoyed when one of the main characters unexpectedly checked-out of Westeros. The second episode of season four reminded GOT fans of the unforgettable “Red Wedding” at the end of season three. Similar ... Read More »