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Social media may be affecting your sex life

Photo Illustration: Kayla Stroud/SPECTATOR

Written by Terrance Johnson, Staff Writer

If you are spending too much time on social media, it is possible that you are not having as much sex as you would like to. According to leading sex experts, studies show that an unhealthy fixation on social media can prove to be detrimental to your sex life.

One reason that this is true is because if your excitement is coming from social media, then when you are actually in the midst of the act, you are not as stimulated.

“A ‘virtual’ relationship can be enticing and stimulating. It’s ever-present and you can engage at any time!” said Jeannette Raymond, a licensed couple’s therapist. “That makes your sex life feel more like a duty or routine experience.”

If all that can be thought about is what is going on in the world of social media, then that is a sign of addiction. It also may make you believe that everyone is having better sex than you are, because people can sugar-coat their sex life on social media.

When sex becomes just “the thing to do”, then it is also a problem. Basically, if it has to be talked about on social media after the deed is done, then it is just something that was done for the attention.

Most said that they would rather give up their phone than give up sex for a year, and it is possible that sex drive and activity could increase with the absence of cell phones.

The bottom line is that if these examples apply, then social media may deserve a break. Real life activities deserve the time that was spent on social media, and it is important not to let social media get in the way of a pleasurable experience.

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