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‘Fallout 4’ Review

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Combat isn’t the only focus in the game. For the first time in “Fallout” history you can not only survive, but thrive in this wasteland world. In a very minecraftian user interface, you can create settlements block by block, that match the world’s aesthetic. You can create farms, shops, workstations, homes, and eventually you’ll have other waste landers coming in to help you out in exchange for shelter. You create your own society, and it’s up to you to defend it, and this occurs outside of the main story missions, meaning you could spend hours creating settlements and never be done with the story. This is one game that just might keep you frozen to your screen for 200 years.

Immersion is what has recently brought the “Fallout” community to a separation. The graphics, while pretty to look at due to its use of vibrant colors, are not up to modern standards. There are many textures that look more at home on an Xbox 360 than an Xbox One or PS4, and these textures look just as bad on PC, unfortunately.

However, while the textures are lower than usual and the character models look a bit more cartoony than most others (which actually look pretty close to the pre-rendered characters to the 1997 fallout game), the game is definitely stylized. Although not always realistic, it’s very pleasing to look at. These graphics coupled with the game’s excellent 1950s-60s soundtrack sells the world as its own, rather than an accurate interpretation of our own.

The game is definitely strong enough on its own to knock out its Bethesda brother, the “Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.” “Fallout 4” has its issues with a weaker main campaign and its many glitches, but after a few patches from Bethesda and some mods from its online community, this game is definitely strong enough to last another seven, ten, or however many years until “Fallout 5” comes out. We have our fingers on the trigger and our thumbs raised up for “Fallout 4!”

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