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Creative’s Couch

Written by Darian Harris, Multimedia Editor

With Spring Break coming up, there’s always a sense of saving money and stretching and maximizing the dollar. We tend to spend excessively and live fast because YOLO, right?

Well, when the week of fun is all said and done and real life comes back into play, those few extra coins that you start to manage and save while spending smart during spring break will come in handy when it’s time to pay those bills that seem to never go away.

Saving money is imperative to any college student no matter what age or stage in their collegiate journey. My favorite apps to save a few coins here and there are:

Fuel Rewards by Shell: This app is the go to app of gas saving excellence. You earn variable cent discounts on anything from certain restaurants to grocery shopping to even linking certain types of debit cards to your profile. Your rewards are capped at 20 gallons but that usually serves enough to fill up any vehicle. There’s no maximum amount of savings you can collect but there are expiration dates on all rewards that differ.

Flash Foods/GoBlue Mobile Pay: This app saves $0.05/gallon on an unlimited amount of gallons but works with a linked card.

Acorn: Why pay your bank to “keep the change” when you can pay just a $1 a month (for accounts grossing $5,000). The extra change to round off the dollar will be deposited into a specified account that collects until you withdraw it.

There are many ways to help a student manage and save money that will come in handy later on. Remember you only live once but why not save a little now to play later.

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