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Future “HNDRXX” Preview

Written by Kevin Paul, Contributor

Future is here.

Atlanta-native Future sent shockwaves through hip-hop fans after revealing and debuting his fifth studio album all within a week. Before letting the dust settle, Future exposed his plans to release his sixth project “HNDRXX” this Tuesday on Twitter, with plans to envelop hip-hop listeners inside the sounds of Atlanta and the mind of Future.

Future’s tactics of releasing adjacent albums hasn’t been lightning in a bottle. The RIAA Platinum artist has also released “Purple Reign” and “EVOL” with less than a month between each project. While the feat was admirable, both projects received mediocre reviews, prior to critically acclaimed “Dirty Sprite 2.” This time around, Future has accelerated past prior endeavors.

While leaving room for popular Atlanta group Migos to release “Culture,” Future has stayed unusually silent throughout the year, only releasing singles such as “Low Life,” “Wicked,” and “Used to This,” keeping fans at bay as the suspense for a new Future project rose. Future finally answered the call with his newest project “Future.”

The album is presented without any features, leaving Future to express personal feelings on songs such as “When I Was Broke,” while also leaving room to present “trap” themed memories and personal perspectives with outros on tracks such as “Zoom” and “Rent Money.”

Future explained that this self-titled album was meant to target his underground fan-base while reconnecting to his mixtape days, informing fans that his success hasn’t tainted his creative process. With “HNDRXX” however, Future hints on collaborations with assistance from The Weeknd and Rhianna, leading to more radio friendly songs, and singles that are more accessible within the music industry.

Future has had previous experience with both artists as Rhianna collaborated on “Love Song” and “Selfish,” while The Weeknd and Future had synergy on both “Low Life” and “All I Know.”

Hopefully, Future Hendrix can exceed the expectations met with “Dirty Sprite 2” while remaining as introspective as “Future.” The sixth studio album, “HNDRXX,” releases this Friday.

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