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VSU copes with lost time after Irma

As VSU jumps back into gear after the damage of Hurricane Irma, students and professors are trying to find ways to cope with the loss of time.

After returning to classes from the unintended break, teachers and students have to accommodate for missed classes, labs and other university related work.

Provost and Vice President of academic affairs, Dr. Robert Smith, said he and the other directors around campus met to assess VSU.

“We were there to discuss what had to be done in order to get campus back up and running,” Smith said.

Recently, Dr. Smith sent out an email to the faculty and staff of VSU which discussed three options for accommodating missed class days. These options included adjusting class schedules, scheduling virtual class sessions or using designated Saturdays to hold missed classes.

“We’re required by the University System of Georgia and by our accreditor, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, to deliver our full academic program,” Dr. Smith said.

Dr. Smith said for certain classes, Saturday is the only day available for the university to hold a make-up day for them.

“There are some disciplines whether that’s studio courses, a nursing clinical or a laboratory where we just don’t have any other place on the schedule to place it other than Saturdays,” Dr. Smith said.

The email also included the Saturdays in which they can hold classes.

If a class was missed on Monday Sept. 11 or Wednesday Sept. 13, the make-up day is on Saturday Nov. 18. If a class was missed on Tuesday Sept. 12, the make-up day will be on Saturday Nov. 18.

Faculty and staff who choose the option of holding Saturday classes were advised to let their department head know as soon as possible.

Sophomore Elisia Everson said she wouldn’t know if she needs to attend the Saturday classes since her work is not behind.

“I understand some teachers’ lecture time was lost, but lectures can be placed online,” Everson said.

Cutting fall break and adding more days to the semester was suggested but Smith and other faculty and staff were not in favor of the idea.

Although the designated Saturday classes are for students’ benefit, those who are unable to attend will not be penalized. Those students are advised to let their professor know ahead of time.

“I work every Saturday,” Kiara Clark, junior, said. “If my professor holds Saturday classes, I will not be able to attend, and I am glad the university understands this.”

Written by Briana Salem. Illustration by Kayla Stroud.

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