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Editorial: Homecoming highlights Blazer lowpoint

Homecoming week always brings excitement to the VSU community. From the pep rally, to the football game and announcing of the court, VSU’s homecoming is an event that is eagerly awaited.

The campus is enriched with color assortment from the chalk and sheet sign competitions. Every day of the week brings a new event for students to participate in.

With all of the positives of homecoming week, there is still a glaring light that shines upon a relatively dark spot on the campus. Student participation in campus activities is still lacking.

An institution the size of VSU should have a different amount of participation in homecoming events and traditions.

School spirit, or lack thereof, is nothing new to VSU’s campus. It is the sole reason that organizations like the Fire Pit were started.

In 2016 when the Fire Pit was created, there was no such organization that was for students by students to enhance the spirit on campus.

Nearly two years later, the Fire Pit is simply known as the school spirit organization according to its Blazerlink site. The Fire Pit is at the forefront of all school spirit activities.

However, the Fire Pit has received backing from Campus Activity Board and Student Life. Emails are sent on a weekly basis to update students on activities for the week on behalf of Student Life.

Even with the weekly updates, campus events still lack the student participation that they should receive.

In the Fire Pit’s creation, the school spirit has increased around campus slowly, but for it to fully reach its potential there must be a natural transition.

By coaxing students to participate in events, it has created an adverse result on students that are on the fence about showing support for VSU. In the end it might drive students farther away from participation.

We at the Spectator agree that our campus lacks school spirit. We also feel that the Fire Pit is a necessity to the improvement of school spirit. We do not think that Student Life should be imposed onto students.

Allow students to make a choice to support, or not, without a prompt from Student Life. VSU can give students a push but never a shove.

This editorial was written by a member of the editorial staff and expresses the general opinion of The Spectator.

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