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UPD assists a Valdosta resident who veered off Oak St. during the rain.

Student attempts to steal rec center property

On Tuesday night, a VSU student was arrested after attempting to steal an Apple iPad from the Student Recreation Center (SRC).

Jesse Shunte Gambles was charged with robbery with sudden snatching.

UPD responded to a call about the student refusing to leave the facility. According to the report, Gambles had entered the facility, bypassed the checkpoints and when asked to leave, refused to do so.

When officers arrived, they met SRC staff Anna Ray and Cole Smith. Ray stated that when Gambles was attempting to leave, he took a SRC iPad from the front desk and refused to return it.

Gambles said that the staff took his $5 that was sitting on the counter. The staff stated that the $5 Gambles claims was his was taken from another student when they checked into the recreation center.

Gambles stated that he took the SRC iPad from the counter as collateral.

The iPad was then retrieved from Gambles and returned to the staff. Gambles was banned from the facility and was advised to contact SRC Assistant Director Marty Spells concerning future allowance into the facility.

On Wednesday Nov. 29 at 8:45 a.m., officers were dispatched to the recreation center to follow up on the case. Officers met the Assistant Director of the facility, Marty Spells. He told officers that Gambles had returned to the facility and was waiting in the office.

The video surveillance was shown to the officers who observed Gambles take the iPad from the counter, jump the turn style and exit the facility.

Spells said they wished to prosecute the case, leading to Gambles being transported to Lowndes County Jail. Judge Cleveland signed the arrest warrant for Gambles for robbery by sudden snatching.

Written by Tylaise Christopher, Staff Writer. Photo by Bryce Ethridge, News Editor.

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