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Building better bridges: SGA hosts first ‘All Committees’ meeting

Divided into four chambers and several committees, SGA plans to tackle issues here at VSU head on this year.

On Monday, Sept. 17, SGA had their first All Committees meeting, officially presenting the chair people for each committee and dividing senators amongst them.

The chambers include Academic Affairs, Campus Affairs, Finance and Civic Service & Public relations.

Sen. Bolanle Dahunsi, chairperson of the Student Success committee and member of the Academic Affairs Chamber, said she plans on speaking directly with students and Student Success Center staff to find direct issues they may have.

Amiah Hartman, chairperson of the Academic Affairs committee, had a similar response when asked what she planned on doing differently this year.

“I want to formulate a better bridge between the students here at VSU and members of my committee,” Hartman said. “Only then will change be possible as there are issues within each college that can’t be solved with our experience alone.”

Chairperson of the Communications committee, Melissa Wolfe, said she’s excited to work with members across all SGA chambers this year while boosting their social media following and connections with students outside of the organization.

Chairperson of the Auxiliary committee, Bob Greenbaum, plans to divide and conquer when it comes to campus affairs.

“Some goals we’re currently looking at include more efficient parking models, better dining options and easier access to one card services,” Greenbaum said.

Amiya Miles, chairperson of the Student Affairs committee, said she plans to remind SGA senators that they need to listen to the voices of students across campus from numerous backgrounds and organizations.

Mary Alex Carter, chairperson of the Campus Engagement committee, holds a goal of getting the student body more involved.

“We haven’t quite done what we should have in the past years, so my focus is educating students on SGA and making sure their concerns/suggestions are heard,” Carter said.

Closing this week’s meeting, the Finance committee approved another Blazer Allocation to a student attending the 50,000 Lions of Justice Festival on Sunday, Sept. 23.

Written by Selena George, Staff Writer.

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