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Scariest Halloween movies ranked

Pumpkins are available, costumes are on sale, and aisles are flooding with candy and decorations in anticipation for the end of the month. But what’s Halloween without some great horror films? If you plan to watch them, take Deadpool’s advice and make sure to wear your brown pants just in case.

5. “Alien” (1979)

It would be a shame to not include the film that introduced one of the most iconic creatures on screen: the xenomorph. The film takes full advantage of its confined setting and effectively gets viewers to try and figure out the position of the alien as it goes on its killing spree. On my first viewing, I had prior knowledge to what was going to happen when I reached the famous chest burst scene, yet seeing the man’s convulsions and hearing his desperate screams was unsettling. It’s not just the movie that’s scary but the whole concept of the alien. The entire birthing process is so horrific the think about that it can honestly lead to having nightmares. Overall, this film still reigns as one of the best scary movies of all time, and it would be awesome if I could wipe my memory of it in order to experience it all over again.

4. “28 Weeks Later”

Before “The Walking Dead” introduced the walkers, there was this universe that introduced the infected. The first film titled “28 Days Later” is a classic, but the sequel is even more intense. There’s a constant level of tension because of how ridiculously insane the zombies are. For example, I love the first scene because of how fast it escalates. Just like the previous film, it demonstrates how much terror is caused from Olympic-runner zombies. There’s no known cure for the virus, so once you’re infected, you’re done for. That adds tons of pressure which makes it a thrilling but daunting experience. Realistically, I think we’re good as long as no sudden pandemic happens. But if the zombies are like the ones in this film, we all need to start hitting the track.\

3. “The Conjuring”

Demon possession. That’s probably the most horrifying thing: losing control of your mind, will, and emotions and yielding to a spirit that just wants to wreak havoc. This film, like “Insidious”, has all the supernatural spirits causing mayhem, but this film is based on a true story. That knowledge added an immense weight because of how the events of this film could realistically happen to anyone. The pure silence from some scenes tremendously added to the jump scares. It gave off an eerie feeling that sometimes made me not really want to know what would happen next. The spine-chilling screams and the tension caused by the demon’s gradual possession of the mother also left me unsettled. Ultimately, this is a great film to check out, but be on alert for that hide and clap scene.

2. “IT” (2017)

I’m not afraid of clowns, but Pennywise is a different story. He is the definition of disturbing. I’m glad I’m not any of the kids n the film because I wouldn’t be able to handle seeing a clown shape-shift into my worst nightmares right in front of me. He constantly goes cross-eyed, roars like an animal, manifest a plethora of fanged teeth, laughs even more maniacally than the Joker, and is pretty much immortal. If this is your cup of tea, then check this out. It’ll easily set the mood.

1.”The Exorcist”

You can’t have Halloween without this film. This film is the perfect example of how terrifying demon possession can be, even worse than the “Conjuring”. For a film made in the 70’s, everything about this film is incredibly creepy. The body horror was ahead of its time: the girl turning her head around like an owl, having a lizard-like tongue and the progression to her deteriorated state. Some of the scenes made me sick to my stomach, such as any instance where substances came out of her mouth. The film manages to make everything creepy and sickening, rightfully deserving its spot as number one. Excuse me as I go grab a cross necklace and my Bible.

If you haven’t seen any of these yet, I highly recommend them. They’ll put you in the Halloween mood. Just remember to watch it with a friend or two just so you’re not alone.

Written by Tristen Petty, Staff Writer. Photo Courtesy of Pixabay. 

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