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People Poll: Why did you pick your major?

Why did you pick your major? Did the major decide the career? Or did the career decide the major?

Alanda Cherestal, a freshman computer science major

“I didn’t have a major my senior year of high school, so I looked up majors that colleges provide, and I found computer science, and it turned out to be fun. The major decided the career since I don’t have a career yet, but whatever happens.”

Thinh Le, a junior management major

“I plan to open my own store when I finish college and to be an entrepreneur. The career that I wanted decided my major because I want to make money and I want to be my own boss.”

William Carver, a senior chemistry major

“I want to be a pharmacist because I like dealing with people, and it’s the best way to work with people and make a lot of money. The career decided the major because I knew what I wanted to do but didn’t care about what I had to do to get to it .”


Tristan Bingham, a sophomore computer information system major

“Me and science always have a love and hate relationship, and I like helping people out as well, especially giving back. At first, I wanted to be an IT, but if I change it to radiology, then I’ll be taking X-rays.”


Micah Gibson, a junior health care administration major

“I chose my major because I’ve always been interested in medicine, but I’m not good at science, so I found a way that I can still be involved in medicine and [help] people without having to deal with a lot of science. My career decided the major because I knew what I wanted to do but I didn’t know how to go about it, so after researching, I found out this is the major I needed to be in.”


Written by Lenah Allen, Staff Writer.

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