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VSU prepares Blazer Summer Research Institute

If you’re tired of lying around like a couch potato all summer while your learning skills dull, it may be time to invest in something new.

VSU is offering students a creative and productive way to spend the summer with the launch of the Blazer Summer Research Institute program.

Described as competitive, the program is available to faculty and undergraduate students, supporting both in summer research.

It runs from June 3-July 26 and is funded by Academic Affairs, University Advancement and private donations.

For those interested, the application process must be completed by a faculty member, and students involved must be selected by a respective professor. The process includes a project narrative, cited references and a justification of budget and resources.

All applications must be submitted to Dr. Dereth “Jan” Drake, co-coordinator of undergraduate research, by March 15.

Dr. Drake describes the program as “very open” and encourages students and staff of all disciplines to apply.

“We want students to have the opportunity to pursue research during the summer,” Dr. Drake said.

Students may take on any research they desire, as long as it is safe and deemed appropriate by the moderating professor. This allows for a diverse range of research from the sciences to the arts.

A $1,000 scholarship is allotted to each faculty member with one student, and a $1,500 scholarship is divided equally among professors with more than one.

A $4,000 stipend is given to all faculty members for compensation and travel needs.

Undergraduates will give a presentation of their work on July 26.

Since the program is in its premiere year, Dr. Drake hopes it will be successful enough to continue.

“It’s a pilot program to see how it works in the future,” she said. For more information, contact Dr. Drake at djdrake@valdosta.edu

Written by Arelexus Brown, Staff Writer. Photo by Bryce Ethridge, Content Editor.

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