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Tips: How to avoid student burnout this semester

As we begin taking on another semester of college, facing a global pandemic due to COVID-19 can be a challenge. During this time, it’s important to keep our minds healthy and engaged in our classrooms, even if we are unable to physically be there.

Here are some helpful tips for student burnout and frustration during the spring semester.

If you are trying to avoid student burn-out, or cure it altogether, one helpful tip is making time for yourself.

While it is important to complete your schoolwork, it is equally important to make time for the things you enjoy doing. This could include: reading a book, going for a walk or doing some painting. Little activities like these will keep your mind at ease.

Another tip is to make time to see some friends or family. Being cooped up alone all day with just your laptop and doing homework is a quick way to become overwhelmed.

Humans naturally rely on some sort of human interaction. It is good for your mind to have those interactions with people, such as friends or family, for support during these stressful times.

An important tip is keeping good relationships with your professors. Not only will this be useful in the classroom, but it will also be useful outside as well.

Having a good relationship with your professor will make being in class easier and less dreadful. It also ensures that if you are ever confused or need help in the class, which can inevitably lead to stress, you always have a professor you are comfortable reaching out to.

Procrastination is any student’s biggest enemy. It feels so easy to put off an assignment for a later date because you will assume you will have time to complete it.

It is very important to think ahead because you never know what might happen to render you enable to complete an assignment last minute. Also, if you push too many assignments back, you will be stuck doing them all at once which can easily cause stress and frustration.

It is better to do them as you get them or work on them a little at a time to prevent this.

Lastly, having a healthy body is a crucial part to having a healthy mind. How you treat your body is going to reflect how your mind works.

Remember to get enough sleep. The adequate amount of sleep is anywhere from seven to nine hours. Always drink water and keep yourself hydrated. Do not skip meals to get more work time. Do not exchange a good meal for a coffee. A happy and healthy body is a happy and healthy mind.

Follow some of these suggestions to help you have a more successful semester. Remember to be kind to yourself. It will help you out in the long run, and do not be afraid to reach out and ask for help if needed.

Written by Kinlee Wright. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

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