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People Poll: How do you deal with test anxiety?

Test Anxiety is described as a combination of physical symptoms and emotional reactions that interfere with your ability to perform well on tests according to learningcenter.unc.edu. Being college students, we experience test anxiety quite a bit from cramming in notes right before a test to having the thought of failure in the back of our minds. Let’s see what some of our fellow Blazers show they combat test anxiety.

Alan, junior business administration and economics Major

“ The way that I try to deal with it is keeping a strict schedule on when my assignments are due and what times I’m supposed to study throughout the day.”

Rekiera Walker, freshman elementary teaching major

“I study really hard and don’t think about it a lot because it’s just one test. If I fail it, I move on to the next test and if I do good I’m good.”

Deion Page, senior interdisciplinary studies major

“I really just get a good night rest the night before the test and try not to cram by studying ahead of time, so the anxiety isn’t as high”

Cameron Johnson, Biology Major, Freshman

For me I like to eat gum while I take my test because having a minty flavor in my mouth just helps a little bit. I would also say to make sure to study and get a good night’s sleep because when you wake up in the morning you will feel more energized.”

Written by Torian Gordon ,Staff Writer. Photo courtesy of Torian Gordon.

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