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Campus Wellness provides resources for stress

VSU’s Campus Wellness community is an organization that promotes and supports the awareness of a healthy lifestyle by offering a variety of programs that address the overall wellness of the university’s faculty, staff and student community.

Jon D. Paris, associate director of VSU’s counseling center, said that the campus wellness community is helpful to VSU especially during the pandemic, as the community has seen an increase in anxiety and stress in the community.

“As an organization, Campus Wellness has been able to provide faculty, staff and students with multiple trainings and ways to incorporate exercise into their routine,” Paris said. “We have also been able to provide the community with safe on-campus events to enhance their well-being.”

For those who are experiencing issues with stress and anxiety, VSU wellness has a website used to provide students with the resources and tips regarding studying, test-taking, time management and stress management.

“The VSU counseling center has multiple online resources for students to access all for free,” Paris said. “By visiting their website through the VSU homepage, students will be able to access the virtual relaxation room as well as multiple other resources to help with stress and anxiety.”

Campus Wellness will be hosting De-Stress Fest for students and faculty on April 27 from 1-4 p.m. on the front lawn.

Written by Katie Rutherford, Staff Reporter. Photo courtesy of VSU.

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